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  Zhoushan Xiangda Machinery Co.,Ltd.is a modern manufacturer of can manufacturing machinery,mainly engaged in metal packaging canning machinery research and development,production and sales,the product covers the beverage cans,food cans,milk cans,chemical tank and aerosol cans And other canned yards and the top cover of the bottom line.Our factory equipment,advanced technology,the company is located in the beautiful Zhoushan Islands,near Ningbo,Shanghai,sea and land transport facilities.
  Our main backbone members from the industry engaged in many years of first-class scientific research engineering staff.With our many years of industry experience,the metal packaging industry has filled a number of industry gaps.Today,the average every two years there are more than one new product on the market,widely favored by domestic and foreign users.
  The company developed a few years ago sophisticated compact palletizing the country swept the country,close to 500 units quickly accounted for 90% of the domestic market,filling the cans industry for many years the existence of product gaps.In recent years, our team of dual-manipulator without air-punching line of successful research and development is to make the industry with admiration,to solve the industry over the years has been unresolved problems.At present,nearly 10 of the empty-free production line in the domestic large-scale tank manufacturer Huayuan Packaging Co.,Ltd.,day and night continuous production,the daily output of about 400,000,not only to ensure the successful completion of customer production tasks,The interests of customers to maximize.
  Our products are widely sold in the domestic well-known metal packaging suppliers,the main customers are COFCO,Oregon,Merlin,Cologne,Huayuan,Meining,friends,happy home and other major empty cans,real tank manufacturers.Product novelty and stability,are subject to the user certainly.
  Division I through continuous technological innovation and hard work, enterprises have been rapid development,is now set research and development,production,sales and service in one of the advanced enterprises.Our goal:the most stable machine,the best performance,the best price!

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Zhoushan Xiangda Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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